House of Bargains is about a community
At House of Bargains, we know that people are the backbone of our business. House of Bargains
is all about bargains, creativity and diversity. It’s about encouraging, inspiring, recognizing and
rewarding our community of customers with great deals! After all, our customers bring House
of Bargains to life every day!

House of Bargains partnership with community development corporation, Mothers helping Mothers.
House of Bargains partnership with Mothers helping Mothers is created to provide mothers a unique community shopping experience that will educate, empower and encourage their lives as well as their families.

House of Bargains is about reducing, reusing and recycling.
House of Bargains purchases over 50 tons of usable clothing and household items every day. That equates to over 40 million pounds of usable items being kept out of our local landfills each year! Any items we do not sell are recycled or donated to local shelters, and schools, or sent to developing countries around the world.

House of Bargains is about Values and Bargains.
House of Bargains provides an alternative to mainstream retail. House of Bargains is a place where customers from the local community find top-quality secondhand merchandise at exceptional bargain prices. We will continue to keep our prices fair, and incomparable. Unlike most Las Vegas thrift stores, we WILL keep valuable items at a GOOD price. We want you to leave feeling good about your purchases…feeling like you just made a bargain!